The Challenge

To raise the awareness level of the client on resource efficiency. The client’s waste management program, could be deemed as a commodity recovery initiative.

The Solution

Panacea in relation to the WEE directive 2014, proposed a circular economy solution (closed loop) that allowed the used toner cartridges to be granulated and be re-used as a proportion of the recycled raw material to create new components.


Waste Recycling


cost reduction

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Previously Waste materials

By undertaking a high profile recycling campaign to encourage customers to return used cartridges where they would be cleaned and re-filled for further use.

The products are made of high value plastic components with significant costs to dump into landfill as these products are not bio-degradable and cannot be used with waste to energy cycles due to potential poisonous fumes.

Unfit for refill

Any parts that show signs of wear are disassembled, compacted and sent for reprocessing.

The client achieves almost 100% closed loop re-use and has seen significant savings on material usage.

Reprocessed components

Because the virgin product is now designed for re-use and recycling, the use of virgin plastic has significantly reduced.

As a consequence, what was previously an output impact has been to design new components through the utilisation of previously deemed waste streams.

Accreditation Bodies

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