The Challenge

To significantly increase the ambient light levels, particularly in the corridors where there where is virtually no natural lighting from windows.

Create a satisfying mood effect with spot highlighting to specific floor and wall zones to aid traffic flow and points of interest such as notice boards.

Installation to have no effect on school routine and all at NO COST.

The Solution

Detailed measurement of current lighting in all areas at different times of day. Analysis of peak traffic footfall levels and ‘Meander Flows’ to analyse bunching and/or restrictions to safe passage.

Create a bright clear passage to match Meander Flows, move and brighten noticeboards away from peak traffic while providing “Standing Areas” at focal points.


Energy Reduction


Brighter Lighting

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Bright, Clean and Inviting

Modelling before Installation

Cost reduction

Replacing worn out florescent fitments with high efficiency LED significantly reduces wasted energy.

Automatic Control

With the inclusion of PIR control that is only active outside school hours minimises wasted energy.

Esthetically Pleasing

The final effect produces a more pleasing atmosphere throughout the school.

Accreditation Bodies

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