The Challenge

Significantly reduce the energy cost from utility suppliers through innovative renewable systems.

Promote the ‘green’ credentials of the leisure brand to their clients.

The Solution

Panacea immediately recognised that the Hotel had a large expanse of land for Customer Car Parking.

Additionally significant energy expenditure within Heating, Cooling and Lighting was also identified.


Energy Efficiency


Cost reduction

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Problem – Limited Site Space

Set within Green Belt this site was truly a challenge.

The area was so cramped with buildings and swimming pools there was virtually no space for solutions such as ground source heat pumps, bio-mass boilers etc as these would need to include pellet delivery and storage, out of sight of guests relaxation areas.

Solution – Large Car Park area

The hotels energy consumption was considerable, even through the day. Therefore using the car park area for solar PV seemed the obvious solution.

These panels would provide upto 60% of the hotels electricity during day light hours. The pool would be heated with any excess energy to become a heat sink in the evening, particularly during the winter months when it was normally covered.

Electric Car Charging and Solar Energy supply

Profit NOT a Cost

With the Panacea model ‘Becoming Green’ doesn’t have to cost the earth! In fact, with Panacea it makes you a profit!

Significant cost and profit improvements have been achieved that has prompted an expansion to the programme through the phased implementation plan that considers generic initiatives prior to extension to all other hotels within the Hotel and Leisure group.

The brief was to significantly reduce utility costs while also improving ‘Green Brand Values’.

Client Cost = £0, Brand Value = £,000’s

In fact the client made around £30,000 NET saving in energy.

Monitoring and Control Systems


As well as installing the Solar Photo Voltaic electric charging points to future proof your business, it is important to ensure efficient usage via Energy Monitoring, Metering and Control systems.

The phased efficiency programme also incorporated the latest lighting technologies together with heating and cooling efficiency programmes.

These were specifically designed to work in conjunction with each other to ensuring maximum ‘generated energy usage’ (therefore minimising reliance on FIT) and produce the lowest ‘non-generated usage’ to produce the maximum ROI of the system.


Client Control = Maximum

  • Generated Electricity usage 100% 100%
  • Reduction in purchased electricity 40% 40%
  • Carbon Emmission reduction 35% 35%
  • Bottom line effect 18% 18%

The Results Were Amazing

The hotel consumed all of the electricity generated, therefore reducing it’s reliance on utility companies. Together with an upgrade to the energy management system this had significant effects on the total utility costs.

The forecasted reduction in Green House Gas emissions was significant, while at the same time generating income from ‘selling charging’ to electric car clients combined with the utility savings straight to the bottom line.

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