Partnership Collaberations

Hive Energy have been a strategic partner of The Panacea Group for many years.

When they asked us to help them with one of their “more difficult” projects we obviously said yes. Little knowing the challenges that they were asking us to solve.

The Challenge

This was one of the most northerly sites proposed for solar PV in the UK.

There was significant local opposition to the scheme based on the possible restriction of common access to the area combined with the “non-viability” of solar PV in latitudes at this latitude.

The Solution

Within The Panacea Group we have wide expertise in independently evaluating project viability based on many measures of acceptance.

Our experience can help balance the conflicts between local authorities, community interests and business drivers.

Community Inclusive Solution

Our Role

To engage with the various regulatory bodies and land owners, whilst promoting the Renewable Energy Source to a large energy user within the area to fully utilise the solar energy produced by means of an off grid diversion as a major contribution for their consumption.


Although the project was working to very tight timescales, with meticulous planning and a very productive working relationship with Hive Energy the project was brought in on time and seamless.

We are undertaking further prorammes of this nature across Europe.


Our experienced throughout the process in regards to Planning , engagement with the local community and various regulated bodies has broadened Panacea’s knowledge and increased our reputation within this sector.

Panacea wishes to sincerely thank all parties for their contribution in this regard.

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