“The Panacea Group creates far greater financial value for you and your shareholders whilst reducing your impact on the environment.”

Our Promise

Panacea will reduce your costs, improve your company’s bottom line through Resource Efficient proposals and solutions that are aligned to life cycle considerations through sustainable innovation.

The impact of good business practice, enhanced by innovative products and services, enables us to incorporate your businesses commercial benefits within a fully defined and detailed Carbon Strategy.

  • Whole Life Strategy 80% 80%
  • Financial Modelling 75% 75%
  • Technical Expertise 95% 95%
  • Commodity Efficiency 70% 70%
  • Financial ROI 75% 75%

Bespoke Corporate Finance Packages

Bespoke Financing Packages

The Panacea Group can supply ‘white labeled’ funding packages in many part of the world providing the financial support to enable the implementation of any recommendations across your entire business, in many cases removing any financial burden and delivering immediate savings.

Investment Solutions

We do more than just recommend and monitor, we provide measurable and sustainable improvement and we “put our money where or mouth is”.

As a result, we can help you do a lot more than just ‘change your light bulbs’.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy – of course!

Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Bio-Mass boilers, Ground Source Heat pumps, just like most companies you speak to, Panacea have extensive experience in implementing these type of projects.

However, how many can successfully ‘wrap’ the planning and management costs into the finance package?

Maximising Renewable Energy options

Very few of our Renewable Energy solution are what you would call “Vanilla Flavour”. They normally involve major infrastructure changes and the “renewable’s” are ‘part or whole’ of the financial justification model.

We will work in a ‘holistic way’ to achieve your company’s overall objectives.

Technical Platform Solutions

Management and Control

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”, this is a very old saying that we find is often forgotten in most of the companies we survey.

Panacea implement the ‘right’ energy management system for each installation to ensure the correct balance between ‘best practice’ efficiency and ‘real world’ management to ensure ‘project creep’ is minimised.

Remote Access Control and Reporting

The forecast savings rely on adherence to plan. Panacea set-up alarm alerts and control centre interventions to help ensure everything is kept in control.

Bespoke Innovations

Nurturing Next Generation Ideas

The Panacea Group support new technologies via “initial investment funding, routes to market, corporate (customer) finance models” to help bring new resource efficiency innovations to the market.

Over £15m and counting

We have already invested £millions in innovative ideas within our normal vertical market areas. For example the food waste centrifuge opposite converts expensive abattoir waste into 3 valuable resources.

Our Partners

Leading the world in solutions

Accreditation Bodies

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Panacea Launch ESOS Platform

In recent months Panacea have been developing an ESOS registration and assessment platform to enable clients to provide information to ascertain if they are obligated to satisfy the Government ESOS legislation criteria. Panacea have developed this initiative to...

In Partnership with Siemens

Panacea were invited to show case the Crystal Building with Siemens, Our clients and partners from London Underground, Energy North West, Carrob and Capitas were suitably impressed. A fantastic day was concluded with presentations from Panacea and Siemens that can be...

Panacea Gain ISO90001 Accreditation

Panacea are pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded ISO 9001 Accreditation, this is the first stage of a programme that looks to achieve 14001 during 2016. Mr Andrew Smart, Panacea Head of Technical Operations commented, “We are a young business that...

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