Knowledge Sharing Seminars


Panacea run quarterly knowledge sharing seminars with their Partners, Clients and Guests to communicate the latest and best resource efficiency solutions available.

Held in conjunction with Panacea partner Siemens at their state of the art Crystal Building near London Docklands (see The Crystal Building for more information) this dedicated conference and visitor centre is the ideal venue to discuss and view some of the latest thinking and technology first hand.

Thought Leadership

Many of the attendees are leaders in their fields. The latest information in the world of sustainability is a constant topic of conversation both within the formal sessions as well as the break out periods.

Key Drivers

As the government is constantly moving the goal posts as to what it is focusing on it is difficult to keep up what is trending and what is on the out. These forums are a perfect way to keep your finger on the pulse.

Target Markets

New innovations are appearing all the time with significant ROI returns that were not feasible only last year. Knowing what’s new or soon to arrive ensures installers or clients are not choosing yesterdays technology.


Solutions revolve around a mix of technologies to maximise returns. These forums are a great source of inspiration of how suppliers and clients have utilised multiple efficiency technologies to solve the problem.

Themed Sessions, Open Forum and Solution Agnostic

Each session is based around a theme where different invited speakers outline their particular specialisation providing valuable insight and depth around the subject. Every session has an ‘Open Forum’ section that is ‘Solution Agnostic’ providing a stimulating and informative arena for information gathering and cross pollination of ideas and debate.

Guided Tours from Siemens Directors

Inspiring Sessions in an Inspiring Venue


The Crystal Building is the perfect venue for these Knowledge Sharing sessions. The Crystal is a ‘Real World’ visitor centre working to a ‘Real World’ financial justification model, using and demonstrating many of the latest Energy Efficient Technologies. There are numerous interactive displays and information sections where (if we can get this right) you can see a potential vision of the future first hand.

December 2015 Session

This session was based around Building Control Systems, where savings of almost 40% was demonstrated across 90 buildings in the Manchester Council portfolio. The intention of MCC is to become a net electricity provider in its own right to local businesses in the immediate area, providing valuable additional income for the council. To find out more about what was discussed and to download the various presentations click below

March 2016 Session

The next session agenda and guest speakers is being finalised and will be announced shortly.

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If you are a supplier, installer or an end user, these sessions provide invaluable information and networking opportunities.

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