Panacea North America

Panacea America

Panacea America provides a set of solutions to improve sustainability and save cost in the enterprise, taking a holistic approach to the full cycle of resource usage: sources, consumption and waste stream.

Panacea America engages expert regional and global partners to provide solutions throughout North America and provide zero-investment financing options so the savings more than pay for the improvements.


We focus first on measuring and reducing consumption, proposing the latest technology for practical efficiency improvements and applying the waste elimination principles of lean thinking toward a zero-waste objective.

Then Panacea America identifies the best renewable energy option to fit the operation and coordinates implementation with minimum disruption of ongoing operations.

North America Office


8 The Green,
Suite 4888,
Dover, Delaware, 19901

T: +1 302 883 8820


Operating Countries


  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico


Panacea Europe

The Panacea Group – Europe

Panacea Europe provides renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste efficiency, and whole life cycle solutions for Major Corporate clients and Governments with innovative technologies.

Panacea Europe operates across the whole of Western Europe as well as many Eastern Europe countries.


Panacea Europe invest in many fledgling companies helping them develop the new innovative technologies the world requires to create a more sustainable world for the long term.

World Head Office


Panacea House,
Hullbridge Road,
Essex, UK.


Operating Countries


  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan


Panacea Asia Pacific

Panacea Asia Pacific

Panacea Asia Pacific are world leaders in measurement, control and the reduction of carbon through fossil fuel usage.

With over 500 major projects since 2002, the Asia Pacific team have a depth of experience unrivaled in their geographical location.


Design of Carbon Calculators used by governments and industry. Carbon mitigation specialists.

Asia-Pacific Office


Level 4, 170 North Terrace,
SA 500.


Operating Countries


  • Australia
  • China
  • Japan


How does Panacea Help?


Any work we undertake begins with a thorough analysis, examining historic data and existing facility activity through site visits and a structured review of building management information.
The data includes insights into areas of poor resource efficiency performance, as well as giving consideration to the broader impact that your organisation has on the environment.


Managing connections is at the heart of what we do. It enables us to connect clients with the best solutions through our network of “Strategic Partners”. This provides our clients to engage in a resource efficiency programme that draws on the power of specialist expertise but benefits from our experience, management and oversight to create saving opportunities and simplify operational networks.


Using these insights, we work with you to find the right path to improved resource efficiency based on sound objective evidence.
We underpin all of our proposed solutions with a financial commitment. And provide our clients with capital investment and finance services with a variety of dynamics. This approach safeguards the cost and sustainability parameters established at the outset.


By using Business Management and Smart Metering systems, we can monitor and manage programmes wirelessly and remain true to our legacy management pledge and associated financial commitment.
This gives our clients further assurance that as well as product warranty and service guarantees, we are focused on ensuring that collective effort and shared benefit are optimised and managed.

The Panacea Europe Team

The Panacea America Team

William Ward

Client Engagement Director


Austin Waldron

Project Direction


Matthew Fulford

Project Manager


Mike Bethwaite



Jon Birchall

CEO, The Panacea Group


Dr. Jean-Yves Cherruault (BEng, MSc, PhD, CEng ImechE)

Director, The Panacea Group


Kevin Williams

Senior Engineer


George Krichauff



Jennifer Marks

Commercial Support


David Greer



Sally Harris

Company Secretary & PA


Sharna Lee



Mark W. Huth

CEO, Panacea America


Micky Reynolds

Chief Technical Officer


The Panacea Asia-Pacific Team

Jim Johnson



Dr Helen Challender

Carbon Scientist


Dr. Ross Williams

Computer Scientist


Dr Marnie Telfer

Head of Renewables


Dr Suni Sharma

Chief Scientist


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